Entrails – “Obliteration”


Entrails – “Obliteration” (Metal Blade Records)

Resurrected by founder guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist in 2008, Entrails were originally formed back in the early 90s intending to follow the scene that Stockholm brought to light with bands like Dismember, Entombed and Grave – which is precisely what they sound like! Growling predatory vocals, thick filthy guitars, heavy distorted bass and massive amounts of double bass drumming, Entrails sound just like their name suggests, a veritable monster crushing all beneath it savagely. With just a hint of a death n roll groove to allow the material to flow smoothly, while not taking away from the brutality of songs like ‘Midnight Coffin’, ‘No Cross Left Unturned’ and the awesome ‘Epitome Of Death’ – complete with it’s own funeral death march – clearly Lundqvist has learned a thing or two in the wilderness of a decade waiting for his fearsome beast to reawaken and once again stalk the scene! From his cunning in working his old demos back to life using modern technology, Entrails haven’t looked back since with a string of album releases, enjoying recognition from touring on both sides of the Atlantic playing festivals Maryland Deathfest to Summer Breeze in Germany and Stonehenge in the Netherlands. The strength of the reaction is proof positive that the demand for old school Swe-death is still huge, especially for original purveyors of the style, coming no finer than the likes of Entrails.

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