Entrails – “Raging Death”

Entrails – “Raging Death” (Metal Blade Records)

If you love old school Swe-deth then look no farther than Entrails. These veterans go back to the early 90s, taking in influences like Dismember, Entombed and Grave, right from the guttural vocals to the brutal rhythms – along with that trademark filthy distorted guitar sound that tears into your flesh like a rusty chainsaw on nasty little ditties like ‘Bloodhammer’, ‘Carved To The Bone’ and ‘Death League’. Amidst the blurring death they drop in the odd bit of Scandinavian melody but for the most part this is authentic 90s old school death. Formed by guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist, the band sadly folded in the mid 90s and were only resurrected in 2008, although Jimmy never stopped writing and keeping the faith that someday Entrails would be reborn. Now it has and in its true monstrous form, ready to take its rightful place amongst the living to convey the power of the dead.

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