Entrails – “Resurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)”


Entrails – “Resurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)” (Metal Blade Records)

Resurrected from the dead in 2008, Entrails began to take new form in the form of two demos “Reborn” and “Human Decay” that were put together by (sole surviving) founder guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist, who played all the instruments and vocals provided by old friend Jocke Svensson. Based on material that the first incarnation of the band worked on in the early 90s as well as material Lundqvist continued to pen during their hiatus, the collections were stored on tape and were brought to life on homemade CDs each limited to 50 copies. Even then Lundqvist felt that if interest grew again in the band, these would need to be re-pressed at some point in the future to give them true justice. Over the next 5 years as demand from the fans grew and likewise offers from other labels came in Jimmy knew he would have to take the brakes off and so, with Entrails new album still being worked on, now is the opportune moment. With the aid of today’s technology and Jocke, once again this 15 year old material has been brought to life in 18 tracks that will satiate the blood lust of any die hard old school death metal fan. Mixing 90s generic death metal with Swe-death and even melodic death, songs like ‘Breath Of Blood’, ‘Blood Red’ and ‘Voices’ – not to mention an even grimier version of Dismember’s ‘Casket Garden’ – feature the trademark sounds of all those styles that made way for an entire genre: guttural vocals, raw distorted guitars mixed with blood curdling melodies and savage matching rhythms to boot! “Resurrected From The Grave” is further vindication that Entrails, a band that formed at the same time as Entombed and Dismember, deserve a lot better second time around and certainly now as one of the last original purveyors of this legendary style.

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