Entrails – “World Inferno”

Entrails – “World Inferno” (Metal Blade Records)

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Since being resurrected from the dead in 2008, Entrails have confidently returned to the fine form that made their presence felt in the early 90s along with fellow Swedes Entombed, Grave and Dismember. Led by founder Jimmy Lundqvist and aided until recently by vocalist Jocke Svensson, Entrails have built themselves up through regular releases and equally so on the touring front, bringing their original Swe-deth style to the modern masses both in Europe, the UK and also playing the Maryland Deathfest in US. Playing prestigious festivals like Hellfest, Dokkem and Coast Rock Open Air has only added to Lundqvist’s motivation, and now with a new line up in singer/ bassist Tommy Carlsson and drummer Martin Michaelsson comes this latest savage beast – having received a good scrub n wash! By no means a retro album, what “World Inferno” does in abundance is to take that simple, classic 90s style and evolve it through a polished production sound and subtleties like some background vocals, to permit it an air of wider accessibility like on ‘The Soul Collector‘ or ‘Serial Murder (Death Squad)‘, probably the only near commercial tracks on the record – although don’t be expecting any synths ha ha! The trademark sound of old school Swe-deth reeking of filthy Boss HM 2 guitars are still all over the rest of the album, as are Tommy Carlsson’s sickly spewed vocals, and the hard driving drums of Martin Michaelsson, along with some hardcore shout outs on the punkier numbers like ‘Suffer’ while old school fans will revel in the bloody glory of ‘The Hour of the Casket‘ with its thundering drums and chugging riffola. My personal fave had to be the crushing death n roll of ‘Into Eternal Fire‘ with its slow, dirty monster riffing stalking you like a slavering brooding beast – total death man! Best all, all the tracks are catchy in their own right, so full marks to Lundqvist’s composing as “World Inferno” sees Swe-deth come of age (again) thanks to the remarkable material here.  Finally, the moment for Entrails may have come.

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