Entrapment – “Imminent Violent Death”

Entrapment – “Imminent Violent Death” (Dawnbreed Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Soul tearing Swe-deth metal from Holland! Yes boys and girls, Entrapment started off as a one man project in 2010 under the auspices of multi instrumentalist Michel Jonker (Inhumanised, ex-Absorbed, ex-Makiladoras, Suffering Quota, ex-Massive Assault, ex-Descent to Hell, ex-Venders of Smut). Since then he has released 3 full length albums, expanded into a full line up and shared the stage with acts such as Obituary, Sadistic Intent, Sonne Adam, Coffins, Asphyx and Master over the years! The reason for his success is simple: sticking to the classic winning Swe-deth formula while tantalisingly lacing his material with hints of US death metal like Autopsy and equally some evil Slayer influences here and there. Sadly though, it is believed that Entrapment will cease to be an active project after this final album, although I have to say that Jonker has gone out in fine style given the impressive, catchy material here! Screaming in on ‘Sanctifying Putrescent’, the visceral Schuldiner roars work brilliantly in unison with the Slayer guitar wails and diddly dee frenzy backed by hammering drums, while the slow passage of soulful guitar and distorted bass adds an interesting contrast before blast beating back to the end. In tribute to death n roll comes the excellent ‘Sacrilegious Congregation’ with its ultra heavy bass really making for a foreboding beginning before the chopping frenzy is unleashed along with some sickly drawls before a colossal groove does some serious nervous system damage – just what the doctor ordered eh Michel heh heh! Heading to the tropics for the insane Sepu-holocausto of ‘Morbid Habitation’, it’s the speedy punk thrash blitz complete with rock n roll trimmings and droning Sabbath doom soaked riffs that really make you appreciate Jonker’s vision of taking what he likes best and putting it all together. I mean, fuck the rules – prepare for the final blood battle!

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