ENTRAPMENT “The Obscurity Within”

“The Obscurity Within”
(Soul Seller)
Dutch death metal. That alone should wet your appetite. A better declaration of content you won’t get anywhere else. That the band has a name just like a movie with Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery doesn’t make matter worse. If the band can live up to my highly set standards then this will be like the best sex ever with the most gorgeous woman on earth. That this is old school in the vein of Asphyx, Nihilist, Entombed, Grave and Autopsy is just an added bonus. I can’t seem to get enough of this kind of death metal. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again for as long as albums like this comes my way. This kind of death metal touches regions on my gut that no other metal does. I could die happy listening to this kind of death metal and nothing else. Entrapment is another one to add to my list of cool old school death metal. Anders Ekdahl

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