ENTROPIA INVICTUS “Human Pantocrator”

“Human Pantocrator”
(M & O Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I am no musician but when I hear an album like this I really want to be one. This one came to me as a total blank but after having heard this record I gotta say that this is my new fave band right now. Little did I expect to be as blown away by the massiveness of the music as I was by “Human Pantocrator”. I want to say that this is symphonic black metal but it is so much more. Because beyond the symphonic lies a band that play a black metal that is so beautiful and so grand that it is almost too hard to comprehend everything that is going on in the music. This is like the offspring of the unholy marriage between Dimmu Borgir and Deathspell Omega. To listen to this is to be taken on a journey with no clear destination. I am blown away. Anders Ekdahl

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