EORONT ”Another Realm”

”Another Realm”

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EORONT sound like some kind of weird lizard. But since I doubt that this Siberian band has named themselves after an animal I have no idea where the name comes from. I don’t think that I have come across that many bands from Siberia. Not that I think the cold harsh environment and the many Soviet gulags will shine through in their music it is still cool to come across a Siberian band. After an intro this broke free and became a black metal inferno. I thought I had nailed what EORONT sounds like but then they surprised me with a change of direction. For some reason the first band that I came to think of when I listen to this is Australian Netherworld who released an album back in 96. EORONT are musically challenging in that I can’t really put my finger on their black metal. It is both emotive as well as repetitive. Beautiful as well as harsh. All I know really is that I like what I hear. There is something extra to this. Anders Ekdahl

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