(Gunn Records)
I love German death metal the way I love Swedish or American or any other kind of death metal. I simply love the harder stuff period. I love all kinds of death metal, be it extreme, melodic or in between. I love it all. So to discover new death metal bands is like me being in paradise. But this doesn’t sound like any German death metal band that I’ve heard. Instead I get a slight British feel to this. I get bands like Decadence Within and the more hardcorish ones flying round in my head even though I know for a fact that this is death metal that we deal with. But I can’t shake that hardcore feel/vibe when I listen to this album. And I like it. I like it a lot. Don’t know if it’s because if the shitty computer speakers or what but I like the raw sound this band got going. Anders Ekdahl

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