EPSYLON “Age Of Freedom”

“Age Of Freedom”
I will continue to say it for as long as I get sent stuff from bands directly; I love discovering new acts. This band I knew absolutely nothing about before they decided to contact me. With that initiative I now know of another metal band. And while this is only a five track EP it still shows enough promise for me to want to hear more. Listening to this I get old Rhapsody feelings. Perhaps not as symphonic but still intricate enough to appeal to those into anything that Underground Symphony Records ever released. There is also a slight thrash feel to the music. Damn it if I don’t hear a touch of goth metal too in the sound. This turned out to be another great surprise. I’m a huge fan of early Rhapsody and of almost everything that Underground Symphony Records released. I totally adore goth and I grew up on thrash. All in all a pretty good record despite it being just an EP. Anders Ekdahl

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