Epysode – “Obsessions”

(AFM Records)

Wow, this has to be one of the best concept albums I’ve heard in a while – and all this achieved by a collaborative project no less! Although centred around Samuel Arkan of Virus IV, it also includes the impressive participation of: Kelly Carpenter (Beyond Twilight, Darkology), Oddleif Stensland (Communic), Rick Altzi (At Vance, Thunderstone), Magali Luyten (Ayreon, Beautiful Sin, Virus IV) and Liselotte Hegt (Ayreon, Dial, Valentine). Based on the almost Sherlock Holmesian story of a young police profiler investigating a mysterious series of murders, and as he does so, he is drawn in deeper and deeper by supernatural phenomena. So will you too – if not by the atmosphere then certainly the superb music of tracks like ‘March Of The Ghosts’, ‘Gemini Syndrome’ and ‘Season Of Redemption’ which cover a range of styles from avante garde rock to neo classical and gothic metal. Arkan has put together a superb package of high class sophistication that reeks of virtuosity in every note and spoken word!

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