Equilibrium – “Waldschrein”

Equilibrium – “Waldschrein” EP (Nuclear Blast)

Although these guys have been around for over a decade this is really the first I’ve heard of Equilibrium so it’s just as well that this EP is a sorta filler while we await their 4th album next year. Impressively opening with the title track these Germans play a mix of folk along with the incredible guitar melodies of early Children Of Bodom before moving onto a symphonic rework of ‘Der Sturm’ which came off their debut in 2005. With a previously unreleased track ‘Zwergenhammer’ increasing the tempo, vocalist Robse shows his contrasting screech meets growl vocals amidst the pomp of the keyboard harmonies and the majestic ‘Himmelsrand’ – a cover version of the Skyrim video game – brings it all home in it’s epic glory of bombastic choirs and thunderous drum work. Quite a variety here showcasing their talent, Equilibrium are definitely one to take note of now and leave me salivating of what to expect next year!

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