ERA CAPRICORN ”I Wander Alone”

”I Wander Alone”

Battle Helm Rating

I love metal of all different styles. If anybody has missed that I will say it again. I cannot pick one style I like more than the other. It all comes down to what mood I am in at a certain time. But I do have a special place for anything that is melancholic. If it shows any signs of being that I take extra notice. I guess it has to do with being Swedish and Ingmar Bergman and August Strindberg and Carl Michael Bellman and all that. So when I saw this album by German ERA CAPRICORN in my inbox and read up on it I just knew that this was an album I had to review. And as I sit here listening to this I am grinning like an undertaker. If you like stuff like Lustre and those kinda band you will like this too. It has that same melancholic feel. There is something Die Leiden des jungen Werthers (Goethe) about this that I like. A stunningly beautiful album. Anders Ekdahl

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