EREB ALTOR “Fire Meets Ice”

”Fire Meets Ice”
(Cyclone Empire)
To say that EREB ALTOR doesn’t sound like a continuation of where Bathory left of is like saying that it doesn’t snow in the Alps. It is like stating the obvious. And since I LOVE Bathory I have no problem liking EREB ALTOR. Sure, I missed one album or perhaps two but I doubt that it will make any difference. If you loved albums like “Hammerheart” or “Twilight Of The Gods” you will like this too. There is that same epic feel to EREB ALTOR’s metal. This is the stuff that I could listen too over and over again and not tire of. Just like I’ll never tire of any Bathory albums. What I like about EREB ALTOR is that they are not trying to copy anything. Instead they are paying tribute to one of the greatest bands ever to have existed. It is more an homage than anything else. So if you miss not getting any new Bathory albums check this out. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. Anders

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