ERUPTED “In The Grip Of Chaos”

“In The Grip Of Chaos”
There are so many bands out there that even if I get to hear hundreds of them there are still twice as many if not more that I miss out on totally. Sometime I wish that there were more than 24 hours to a day just so that I could spend my time looking up all the great bands in the universe that we call metal. But since that won’t happen any time soon I’ll settle for the bands that do come my way. As with Erupted. This is another Swedish death metal act. I’ve lost count on how many there are of these acts out there. But as a sucker for anything Swedish death metal I’ll take on this one too. This is more mid tempo and kinda Grave-ish in style yet with an old school feel to it. All of a sudden it feels like I’m back in the late 80s/early 90s again. There are so many new great Swedish death metal acts to check out that it becomes hard to keep track of them all. And I seem to like them all. This one included. Anders Ekdahl

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