ERYN NON DAE “Meloria”

(M&O Office)
I totally missed out on this band’s previous album even though it was released by Metal Blade. But I don’t seem to be alone in having done that as they are now releasing the follow up without the support of Metal Blade. Not that that is any remark on the quality of the music. Listening to this second album I can see why they are no longer on Metal Blade. This is a tough one to sell to all those that like their metal Amon Amarth or Armored Saint or just more traditional. This follows instead in the footsteps of bands like Treponem Pal who followed in the footsteps of Killing Joke. So if avant-garde is a four letter word to you this isn’t for you. I have a more adventurous side to me that likes this kind of off-beat stuff. It is not something that I put on when I have folks over for a dinner party but in my own isolation I can see myself put this on and turn down the lights for a totally off the walls journey into my conscious. Anders Ekdahl

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