ESCARNIUM “Excruciating Existence”

“Excruciating Existence”
(Hellthrasher Records)
I know very little about the present Brazilian death metal scene. I seem to be stuck in the 80s deathrash of South America. So it is nice when a newer band from that continent arrives in my mail box. That means that I could get some new favourites that aren’t 30 years old. Escarnium are death metal the way Incantation or Immolation are death metal. This is murky, rotten and darn heavy stuff. I feel in love with Incantation from the moment I heard their “Onwards…” album. I get the same kind of feeling from this. This is death metal that takes no prisoners, that only leaves dead bodies in its wake. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. If Incantation or Immolation scares you, you better stay away from this too because this is nightmare inducing and so bloody great that I gotta spin this one back to back a few times before bed. Anders Ekdahl

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