Escarnium – “Interitus”


Escarnium – “Interitus” (Testimony Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Death, Chaos and Terror. Well, it doesn’t get anymore clearer than that from this Brazilian death metal crew. Conceived in 2008, Escarnium are only now onto their sophomore release, although in the years that past they’ve released singles, splits and even a compilation. Still, nothing could prepare me for this impressive release! Whilst the brutality, technicality and speed were all there as expected, it was the quality riffs, old school neo classical fretboard burning and most of all, a massive ensuing atmosphere from all 10 tracks here that really got me into a frenzy. With a raw n haunting guitar sound no doubt borrowed from early 90s Sweden, Victor Elian’s guttural vocals are taken straight from the late 80s US scene, while Mauricio Sousa could have been a disciple of Rick Rozz himself – check out that wailing tremolo – and not forgetting Vitor Giovanni’s deep crunching bass and Nestor Carrera’s precision hyper speed drumming. Most of all, in learning from such great masters, they’ve ably understood the central theme of composing brutal yet catchy numbers like ‘While The Furnace Burns’, ‘100 Days Of Bloodbath’ and ‘Macabre Rites’. As I said though, “Interitus” actually goes well beyond even this to produce a massive, menacing atmosphere enshrouding the listener in festering darkness so full marks to John Bart Van Der Wal at Hewwetover Studios in the Netherlands for handling the mixing & mastering duties! Translated from the Latin meaning violent, untimely extinction, “Interitus” lives up in every aspect to its name!

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