ESKHATON ”Omegalitheos”

(Lavadome Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know why I assumed that this was a Greek band when in fact they are Aussies. This is their third album having formed in 2010 following “Nihilgoety” in 2011 and “Worship Death” in 2014. ESKHATON play the sort of death metal that at first might sound very crude and primitive but once you get into it you realize the power it emits. This is brutal. When I hear this sorta death metal I often yell Incantation. But as I listen to this I start to think if that is a correct way to describe it. Sure, it is brutal and in the same style as Incantation but this feels even more primal than one of my all-time fave death metal bands. There is no doubt about me not liking this. This is ultra-brutal and cool as hell. Anders Ekdahl

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