ESSENZ ”Manes Impetus”

”Manes Impetus”
(Amor Fati Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

ESSENZ is a Berlin based black metal band. I think I have seen the name float about in the underground but looking through their discography (this being their third album since forming in 2007) I realize that I have nit heard them before. This is not your typical all full on black metal attack. No sir, this is at times way more doomy and contemplating than that. If there exist such a sub-genre, doom black metal would be the best description of this. The band goes from doom to black metal attack and back in a way that can be annoying if you are just looking for some mindless thrash bash. If you on the other hand is of the more introspective inclination this might be for you. I found this highly entertaining. Anders Ekdahl

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