ESSENZA “Devil’s Breath”

“Devil’s Breath”
When I get an album from an Italian band that is described as alternrock I take notice, and not because it excites me uncontrollably. There is something very alarming when you try to dress up things in clothes that don’t fit the situation. Calling something for what it isn’t do not make it any better. Essenza are as alternrock as I am short. This is really heavy metal done the usual way. I can think of a handful American bands that Essenza would fit with, especially Powermad comes to mind. Call it modern hardrock if you like, there’s even a slight old school thrash metal feel to it. The stuff you might hear on the hip college radio stations or at any college bar you visit. This is music directed at a particular audience. I might be too uncool to be targeted but I can’t help feeling that there is potential in this for even me to like it. If I could change anything it would be to give the vocalist a kick in the ass. He really needs to add some energy to his voice. As it is now he feels a bit too uninvolved. He really needs to step up his game if Essenza are to make it really big. Anders Ekdahl

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