“The Beauty Of Chaos”
Eternal Deformity! Can’t say that it rings any bells. And that’s not because they are Polish. I just haven’t heard of them before despite that this is their 5th album. It would be easy to assume that this too would be another extreme death metal album given the track record that Polish bands have but this is more along the lines of… I don’t know what. It sounds like a mix of death, doom and goth metal and at times it is really good but there are moments when the record dips and it becomes too middle of the road. I get a feeling that this is a record that would suit me when I’m in a certain mood. I really need to be in the right mind set to fully appreciate this album. When I’m in that mind set though, I get a strong Opeth-esque prog feeling about Eternal Deformity, without it sounding too much like Opeth in any way whatsoever. Anders Ekdahl

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