“Against All Odds”
OK, so you form a band in 2003 go through some problems and then release a debut album in 2012. That to me screams determination. Nothing will ever break us seem to be the motto of Eternal Helcaraxe. And for that I applaud them. There is enough shit going on in the world that you have to go through that you don’t need it to hinder your creativity too. Having no idea what this band is all about I just sat back and opened up my senses. It started with a sombre piano piece. What was to come could have been anything from the most serene to the fully apocalyptic. What I got was some sort of epicness which musically kinda reminded me of Immortal, without the chaos. This is black metal in that same cold northern aura. As I like Immortal I came to like this too. There is something to the music that brings forth a tale of glory and hopefulness. I like that it gives me a positive feedback. Anders Ekdahl

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