Eternal Idol – “The Unrevealed Secret”

Eternal Idol – “The Unrevealed Secret” (Frontiers Music)

Famed as the singer of Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot and Angra, Fabio Lione has set his sights on a new venture – Eternal Idol. Having also previously released an album with Italian band Hollow Haze, he has recruited most of that band – guitarist Nick Savio, vocalist Giorgia Colleluori and drummer Camillo Colleluori – to join him on this quest, with the addition of bassist Andrea Buratto (Secret Sphere, Hell In The Club). Given the pedigree of this prior bands, I was expecting something equally bombastic and fast paced, but listening to the 12 tracks here “The Unrevealed Secret” does indeed draw from Kamelot but in a far more melodic way that at times borders on hard / soft rock with symphonic elements that is reminiscent of Hollow Haze. According to Lione, this band is showcasing something new and I guess that must refer to the dual lead male female vocals – although that is certainly not unique. That said, the music is certainly composed and executed well when I listen to the heavier tracks like ‘Another Night Comes’ and ‘Is The Answer Far From God?’. Certainly there is a magical element between Lione and Colleluori, who rather than being operatic or even a stylistic contrast is more of a female complement to his own soulful style. But it works whether rocking or equally on the softer numbers like ‘Feels Like I’m Dying’, where Savio’s guitar work and keyboards add plenty of passion and atmosphere to make this a worthy if not stellar release.

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