ETERNAL LIES ”Burning The Nest”

”Burning The Nest”
(Chaos Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Man has this new ETERNAL LIES album been long in the making. The debut was released in 2002. Now we are mid ways through 2018. “Spiritual Deception” came at a time when the whole Gothenburg sound was at its height. Hailing from Varberg in the county of Halland this band was a bit from the epicenter of Gothenburg in the early 00s. But you could hear where they drew inspiration from back then. Fast forward 16 years and here I sit with a brand spanking new ETERNAL LIES album and to my recollection this sounds just like where they left off the last time. This is death metal in that good old Gothenburg tradition. And this is blood brilliant. You know how you don’t miss the cow until it is gone. I feel kinda the same about this. I didn’t know how much I missed this sound until I heard this album. Boy, I am like a kid in a candy store. Happy as fuck. This one I am gonna enjoy to its fullest. Anders Ekdahl

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