ETERNAL TORTURE “Lacerate The Global Hate”

“Lacerate The Global Hate”
This German lot makes me think of Fleshcrawl even before I’ve even heard this album. It is just a feeling I got. No matter how much Swedish Fleshcrawl sound like I still like their death metal. I hope I can say the same about ETERNAL TORTURE once I’m done with this album. This might not be so much Swedish death metal as American. This is pure Cannibal Corpse kind of death. The kind you hear bands on Sevared or Unique Leader play. No fancy melodies here. Just brutal to the bone death metal. You just gotta love this stuff to get anything out of it. I’ve had 20 odd years getting accustomed to it and I like this really basic kind of death metal. The no-brain kind of stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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