Ethereal Riffian – “Aeonian”


Ethereal Riffian – “Aeonian” (Mulligore Production)

Wow, this is different for many reasons – firstly everything that Mulligore has served up to me so far has left me with rash that looks like radiation burns lol. Secondly, the enigmatically named Ethereal Riffian come from Kiev, not the obvious place I’d look for a shamanic stoner band. Thirdly, a special conceptual book will also be accompanying this release, designed to enhance and reinforce the music which itself sheds light on the existence of a subtler plane, whose laws if understood properly may help to perceive their reality on a deeper level. WTF!! Well musically trance songs like ‘Wakan Tanka’, ‘March Of Spiritu’ and ‘Thugdam’ do just that made up of Stonezilla’s hypnotic vocals and wild, mind bending guitarwork – along with the shit heavy rhythm of SAF and Southman, faithfully supplying pillcrushery and sonic alchemy! Although only made up of four songs, each one of these deep epics clocks in around 12 mins a piece, reflecting the careful composition and intricate musicianship that makes their sonic vibrations sound in unison with our collective consciousness. Most definitely a far out trip into the next universe – although there’s no denying that when Ethereal Riffian wanna become ruffians they can inject the headbanging power with ease! Given how the Ukraine is burning right now, its denizens would do better in seeking paradise by getting a dose of the mighty Ethereal Riffian.

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