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I am not the greatest fan of concert videos. To sit at home and watch a concert is not my fave thing to do. I’d much rather be there. But sometimes that is physically not possible. And in that case a concert video is a great substitute. ETHEREAL RIFFIAN is an odd entity in that they play a sort of spaced out music that has hints to eastern philosophies. And in that it is a band that should be experienced live and not on disc to get the whole ambience. And with strange I mean in the manner that they have a didgeridoo on stage. An instrument that is not very metal or rock in any kinda way. That is like having a bag pipe player on stage to me. But watching this I find myself thinking that this is done pretty darn nice. Between each track comes a sort of sign telling us what to expect and what state of mind we should be in and that ties this whole eastern philosophy edge together with the psychedelic feel of the stoner rock sound we are presented with. And it is nicely shot too. Not the a million frames a second, epileptic inducing cutting that many uses. This is nice and somber in a really cool way. Not the fanciest stage lay-out but again, it works with the minimalistic feel that there is to everything about ETHEREAL RIFFIAN. This gets a thumb up from me. Anders Ekdahl

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