Eudaimony – “Futile”


Eudaimony – “Futile” (Cold Dimensions)

Bleak black metal for Christmas lol! This might be the season of good cheer but put together Dark Fortress’s Matthias Jell with Naglfar’s Matthias Jell, along with Jörg Heemann (Secrets Of The Moon) and Peter Honsalek (Nachtreich) and you’ve got the perfect team for assisted suicide. Dedicated to negativity and pessimism, be prepared for agonized vocal drawls and raw black metal riffing played at a decayed pace on abyssal songs like ‘A Window In The Attic’, ‘Cold’ and ‘December’s Hearse’. However, what really sets the depressive ambiance throughout this evocative album are the exquisitely melancholic violins and piano work, orchestrally arranged along with choir vocals to convey a literal feeling of slipping away into the long cold embrace of death, which has ironically been shrouding us since our birth. The perfect pressie for utter dismalness!

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