EUGENIC DEATH “Crimes Against Humanity”

“Crimes Against Humanity”
(Heaven And Hell Records)
I love old styled thrash. I guess that will never go away. And even though I can appreciate the more modern form of thrash I still keep returning to my old thrash albums whenever I feel a need for a dose of thrash. Eugenic Death are new to me yet I somehow expect them to blow my pants off my legs. I feel like it is time for some really good thrash to come my way. There is something to the galloping guitars that you find on Metallica’s debut album. That pretty much defined what a thrash metal album should be like. Eugenic Death has that same approach too. This is really like hearing thrash for the first time, bringing back memories of hearing Metallica or Megadeth for the very first time. Although this is so much more heavier/harder than Metallica or Megadeth ever were. I didn’t thjink I’d like this as much as I do but that just goes to show that there is still something to be said for good old thrash metal. Anders Ekdahl

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