Europe – “The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show – Live At The Roundhouse”

Europe – “The Final Countdown 30th Anniversary Show – Live At The Roundhouse” DVD / 2CD / BluRay (UDR / Silver Lining)

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Celebrating the 30th anniversary of their multi platinum hit album “The Final Countdown” comes this heart stopping release from Sweden’s best known rock n rollers – Europe! Filmed at the prestigious Roundhouse in Camden Town as part of a special concert series during which they performed the entire “The Final Countdown” album as well as their latest (at the time) “War Of Kings” release, it doesn’t come any finer than this for a pedigree classic rock product in terms of performance, intimacy and of course, rapport with the eager London audience! When “The Final Countdown” came out in 1986, I haveta admit that the band’s then glam image and sound distanced me from truly appreciating Europe’s talent, but since their return and in recent years becoming a no frills, pure rock blooded band, I’ve started to respect them a whole lot more. This is especially evident in the release of 2015’s “War Of Kings” album with its catchy but gutsy red meated rock that hits the heart and loins aplenty! As such, this double live package is the perfect showcasing for the 2 eras of this star band and demonstrated amply by the energized performance of the members – all of whom are on top form across tracks like ‘Days Of Rock N Roll’, ‘Rock The Night’ and ‘Nothin To Ya’ although the 23 tracks as a whole are ceaseless in their captivating hold, largely thanks to the masterful composing skills of Joey Tempest. It’s a truly memorable set and the passion comes across very emotionally indeed. Completed by a generous, photo saturated booklet this could be the best live classic rock release of the year, thoughtfully designed for the fans and rocking us all well into the night and possibly even to the new year!!!

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