EVADNE ”Dethroned Of Our Souls”

”Dethroned Of Our Souls”

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I have no idea what this Spanish band’s name means. I am not even sure I pronounce it correctly. But there is something about the description of the music that entices me to look into this. Hopefully I will come out the other side of this carnival ride with a silly grin on my face. This is not a regular album as it is a compilation of different tracks. For somebody like me that is new to the band their latest album would have been a better starting point. But that doesn’t stop me from liking the original songs I hear on this album. As a huge My Dying Bride fan this is the kind of death doom, or doom death that I like. Aggressive yet melancholic. With a feeling of total despair and agony. This is so good that I can almost not contain myself. Anders Ekdahl

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