EVANGELIST “Doominicanes”

For some reason, no matter what your religion is, the stories of the Bible seem to fit doom metal very well. There is something upheaval about many of the stories in the Bible. They tell of disasters and such and that to me is what really great doom metal is about; the foreboding of the great disaster to come. EVANGELIST is like a super heavy Candlemass musically. Or you could say that they are Cathedral-heavy but with a melodic/epic touch. It’s like playing a Black Sabbath 45rpm on 33rpms. There is something to this kind of slow, heavy metal that appeals to my inner being. I love music that is really sad and melancholic. Listening to EVANGELIST is like being part of a procession. You put one foot in front of the other with ever so much after thought, like you are contemplating the consequences of your every move. Can’t get any better than that really. Anders Ekdahl

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