Evil Invaders – “Evil Invaders”

Evil Invaders – “Evil Invaders” (Hammerheart Records)

Barmy Belgians from Brugge – what more can one say! With names like Jöe Anus (I see he included an umlaut lol) and naming your band and debut after Razor’s prestigious 2nd album be prepared for the worst: helium high vocals, raw chopping thrashola riffs played at breakneck speed, twanging bass, pummeling drums – and a fuckin cowbell! Man, these guys must be straight off the funny farm – only in their 20s but dressed to the nines like I used to: clapped out Nike’s (with the tongue hanging out naturally), skin tight black jeans, black leathers and mop head hairdos that could champion a sheepdog ha ha. Still, they play mean mutha thrash a la Razor or Destructor on wild songs like ‘Speed Invasion’, ‘Tortured By The Beast’ and the superbly named ‘Alcoholic Maniac’. Now I know what Mike Judge listened to when he created Beavis n Butthead!

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