Evil Invaders – “Feed Me Violence”

Evil Invaders – “Feed Me Violence” (Napalm Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Exciter. Razor. Kreator. All have had their part to play in creating present day nutter crackers like Evil Invaders. Not to mention the fact that they’re from Belgium, a tiny country with an unfortunate history of hosting some of the worlds greatest battles i.e. Waterloo, Ardennes, Ypres and so forth….Often overlooked in favor of their paffy smoking Dutch neighbours, the Belgian banger is no less hardcore in his headbanging quest with homeboys Evil Invaders serving up the own speed metal offering on this follow up release (as if one album wasn’t enough ha ha). Insane vocals, wailing tremolo solos, machine gun riffola, brutalized bass and runaway drums – it’s all a plenty on the 9 frenzied tracks here. Beyond the obvious decimation, Jöe Anus (aka Johannes Van Audenhove) and his boys happen to write some pretty catchy toons, hence the growing the popularity of the band and the increasing whisper of the word: quality. This time around there’s even more of this to match the flailing hair n sweat, with an intelligent usage of melodies (gasp!), soulfulness (shock!) and even ambient pieces with acoustic plucked guitar (horror!) more likely gained from their forefathers like Metallica and Judas Priest. That’s not saying they’ve slowed down or wimped out in any way, just gotten….well, more mature and keen to show their talent beyond their manic thrashing with attention grabbing songs like ‘Anger Within‘, ‘Shades of Solitude‘ and ‘Oblivion‘, all I might add, played with increased technicality. Definitely going beyond the stereotypical title and album cover, “Feed Me Violence” brings in a higher degree of intelligence and musicianship that allows Evil Invaders to go beyond their own frontiers onto greater conquests.

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