Evil Invaders – “In For The Kill”


Evil Invaders – “In For The Kill” EP (Napalm Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Yearning for some neck breaking thrash? Then prepare yourself for the next Evil Invaders tour beginning shortly! If you’ve not heard these Belgian retro – thrashers then this EP might be a good start (and just enough not to give you heart failure!). Taking it right back to the mayhemic days of the 80s complete with the clapped out look of mopped greasy hair, even more greasier jeans and bullet belts, their music thankfully matches in being as OTT. Wailing tremolo yanked guitars ripping and shredding, helium high vocals and a rhythm close to a sonic boom, Evil Invaders are aptly named and that’s exactly what they do on this ear bleeding 4 tracker made up of new songs like ‘Raising Hell‘ as well as live versions of old bangers like ‘Victim Of Sacrifice‘. Of course, all this deranged behavior is matched by flawless musicianship – especially in some tasteful soloing from the cooly named Max Mayhem – along with some intelligent arrangements making the material as memorable and catchy as it is murderous so evil they certainly are.

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