Evil Invaders – “Pulses Of Pleasure”


Evil Invaders – “Pulses Of Pleasure” (Napalm Records)

Often overlooked as a small country in Europe, Belgium has nevertheless acquired a fanatical fan base especially for underground metal that could put other larger nations to shame. In the 80s, many a thrash band from the UK and the US cut their teeth there to rabid crowds who only hungered for more. These days, young homegrown bands like Evil Invaders are trying to recreate not just the sound but equally the look and fanaticism that their elders had by taking the best of speed n thrash and putting it all together in one fiery heavy metal package! Complete with 80s clapped out basketball trainers and skin tight frayed jeans comes a roaring turbo charged sound that machine guns riffs like Exciter or early Maiden at incredible speed on the soloing, yet in its more tender moments could also owe its melodies to Helloween. Joe’s vocals are like a cross between Dan Beehler and Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth of Overkill, almost helium high but with a cat shrill to boot as Max Mayhem’s rhythm certainly lives up to its name with that hammering rear end. Whilst I wouldn’t say that songs like ‘Fast, Loud ‘n’ Rude’, ‘Siren’ and ‘ Stairway To Insanity‘ chalk up many points for originality, the sound certainly brings back classic memories and the band’s energy is undisputed, so get ready once more to break your neck and throw the grease off your hair as you succumb to the thrashing pleasure of Evil Invaders!

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