Evil Invaders – “Surge Of Insanity – Live In Antwerp 2018” 

Evil Invaders – “Surge Of Insanity – Live In Antwerp 2018” CD Digipack & DVD / 2 LP & DVD (Napalm Records)
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‘..let’s raise some fucking HELL!!!..’ screams vocalist / guitarist Joe, and the Trix Zaal crowd duly respond with a massive roar back! After 2 studio albums and 2 EPs released to date, the time has come to capture the incredible high octane performance of this fast rising Belgian thrash band, whose nod to the old school is respectably melded into the youth of their modernity and forged through relentless tours across the European continent including Russia. Clad uniformly in black with frayed denim waistcoats adorned by spikes and topped off with bullet belts and high top trainers, this double live package definitely succeeds in taking me back to my own youth while being more understandably targeted at the band’s younger fans. From the expected razor ripping riffola to speedy gallops and rhyming lyrics, it’s actually the less obvious melodies and excellent arrangements, not forgetting the band’s technical finesse that has propelled Evil Invaders to their level of success. Coupled with lead guitarist Max, the dual assault on ‘Feed Me Violence’ with riffs jumping across the fretboard is relentless and backed by the unstoppable drums of Senne – a man who must run marathons back to back – the soulful solos and melodies are equally acknowledged by the chanting crowd. Constantly moving across the stage rather than being chained to the mike, Joe grabs and works the crowd tirelessly, never letting go by challenging them to ‘..show me some fucking power and destroy this venue..’ and on ‘Fast, Loud N Rude’ with its catchy riffs and singalong chorus they oblige more than willingly with plenty of fists in the air. Embracing the old school in covering Venom’s ‘Witching Hour’, Joe’s high pitched screams are replaced by the roar of a young lion and while not as bestial as the almighty Cronos, still serves it up commendably while excelling with some masterful soloing. Thoroughly unstoppable from start to finish, it’s a miracle anyone was left standing leaving Evil Invaders to bask in their success of another wiped out crowd and yeah, that even included you bastards at the back!
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