EVIL LYN “The Night Of Delusions”

“The Night Of Delusions”
(Iron on Iron Records)
Evil Lyn (Evelyn anybody?) is another Finnish metal band. Yet I somehow don’t think we’ll ever see them charting with the likes of Sonata Artica or Nightwish. For that they seem to be too underground. But then again you never know with the Finns. They seem to take their metal very serious. This is metal that has very little to do with the grandiose of Nightwish or the symphonic of Sonata Artica. I guess there is a new generation of classic metal coming out of the woods in Finland these days. I like it. This is heavy metal the way it sounded when I got into it back in the 80s. You could even go as far as calling this power metal. If you like classics like early Savatage then this will fit your taste buds perfectly. Now where did I put my “The Dungeons Are Calling” vinyl? Anders Ekdahl

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