EVIL PRIEST ” Black Seeds… of Creation”

” Black Seeds… of Creation”
(Caligari Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Oh how I wish that this had come in its original format instead of a digital file. I was never a big fan of tapes back in the 80s. “Home taping is killing music” was a slogan used back then but it never really did happen. Home taping never really took off like illegal downloading has done. But tapes were a staple diet when it came to demos in the 80s. And as much as I despise taping music I love demo tapes. And this two-track demo from Peruvian EVIL PRIEST is released on tape in a limited run of 150 copies. This is old school death metal in that it features no traces of melodies or break beats or clean vocals or any of that modern stuff. This is just pure death metal extravaganza. Cool as hell stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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