Evil United – “Honored By Fire”


Evil United – “Honored By Fire” (MVD Entertainment Group)

All Hell The Lone Star state! Evil United is a Texas metal alumni comprising Jason McMaster – throat (ex-WATCHTOWER, IGNITOR), Don “DVS” Van Stavern – bass (RIOT, ex-S.A. SLAYER) and T.C. “Bird” Connally – lead guitar (PITBULL DAYCARE) – along with the mighty Gene Hoglan (DARK ANGEL, SYL, FEAR FACTOR) who recently contributed lyrics to this eagerly anticipated sophomore album! Led by McMaster’s piercing Halford-esque vocals, which are in stunning form even after all these years, Evil United put a fresh take on the classic heavy metal sound with heavy, crunching riffs, dueling twin lead guitar breaks a la Tipton / Downing and some dextrous classically influenced soloing on fiery, epic songs like ‘Bloody Water’, ‘Viking Funeral’ and ‘Caesar’! With Jason “Shakes” West (ex-WEDNESDAY 13, MURDERDOLLS) propelling the songs with his piston pounding mit precision drum work, along with a heavier production this time round, “Honored By Fire” continues the band’s assault on the masses in classic style befitting metal’s fine tradition!

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