Evile – “Five Serpent’s Teeth”

“Five Serpent’s Teeth”

These lads from Yorkshire have already made quite a reputation for themselves with their high octane thrash metal essentially mixing elements of Slayer and Metallica into a contemporary sound. “Five Serpent’s Teeth” is their 3rd album and what jumps out immediately is just how strong those Metallica influences have grown like on ‘Cult’. Maybe I’m reading into this too deeply but “Master Of Puppets” was Metallica’s 3rd album and heralded turning point in their sound, coming right after the death of Cliff Burton. Well, the parallels with Evile are uncanny, given they too lost bassist Mike Alexander to whom the moving acoustic track ‘In Memoriam’ is dedicated. Whatever the case, “Five Serpent’s Teeth” has proven itself as Evile’s all important 3rd album, mature both in songwriting like the epic ‘Centurion’ as well musicianship, as well as the controlling that speed and aggression into well, some kinda monster.

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