Evo / Algy – “Damned Unto Death”

Evo / Algy – “Damned Unto Death” (High Roller Records)

The bastard twins from hell return! Infamous punk / metal legends Evo and Algy Ward are back with this anarchic offering that will no doubt be the final straw from those unfortunate to have crossed them. Famed as The Damned’s bassist and later Tank’s rough n tuff frontman, Algy Ward at one point could’ve been classified as Lemmy’s protege while Evo, drummer / vocalist for Warfare represented all that was anarchic in Margaret Thatcher’s 80s Britain. Mad dogs and Englishmen bar none! As individuals, prison (or padded) cells were all that Britannia could do to contain these terrors, but as a combo, not even Satan could bear to take ’em! Despite folding Warfare back in the 90s – permanently according to numerous interviews with Evo – I’m surprised that this collaboration hasn’t occurred sooner given these two go back donkeys years probably to when Evo played with punkers the Angelic Upstarts? Well, no matter as this mini album takes you right back to those glory days when punk n metal crossed to produce the sorta nosebleed offering that few can forget….or forgive. With the lads handling their respective instruments i.e. Evo on drums and vocals, along with electric violin, Ward swings the axes on 3 new songs like the Venom like ‘Anger, Violence, Hatred’ to blistering covers of Motorhead’s ‘R.A.M.O.N.E.S’ given an even more raucous rendition and shooting bullets into Status Quo’s ‘Tune To The Music’ – although don’t be expecting any boogie, just raw guitars, heavily strummed bass, guttural vocals and of course, shattering OTT drums. As per the characters of these two legends this mini album doesn’t mince words, and of what is played – amidst belches and farts – its damned the torpedoes and full speed ahead sir!

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