”Auf Grund”
(WOOAAARGH/Dedication Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Blackened hardcore is not something that I think I have ever encountered. But there has got to be a first for everything. And as much as it sounds like an oxymoron it does actually work in reality. I don’t know too much about the hardcore bit as this is mostly slow, heavy and melancholic but with the screamy vocals. But those you too get in some black metal that has nothing at all to do with hardcore. So I will not pay too much attention to the tagging and just concentrate on what I think of this. And I like it. But then I am a sucker for anything slightly melancholic. And this has melancholia to go. If I were to describe this to somebody new I’d say that this is black metal with a large dose of blackgaze. Anders Ekdahl

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