EWIGHEIM “Bereue Nichts”

“Bereue Nichts”
I like the German language. There is something mechanical to it that gives the music another dimension. And with the success of Rammstein German isn’t that exotic anymore. I think I’ve read the band name Ewigheim before but I haven’t heard a single note from them before this album dropped in on me. And I gotta say that this wasn’t what I expected. I had my mind set on some weird industrial metal that twisted and turned like there was no tomorrow but this is much more straight forward and perhaps like a heavier Rammstein if you could imagine that. This caught me from the first note and it won’t let go. It almost forces me to sing along to the songs even though I don’t really want to. This is metal that is both melodic as well as full of attitude. I really, really like this. Much more than I thought I would. Anders Ekdahl

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