Ex Deo – “Caligvla”

Ex Deo – “Caligvla” (Napalm Records)

Ex Deo is the epic Roman metal side project featuring members of Canadian death band Kataklysm. Stemming from vocalist Maurizio Iacono’s Italian roots, the concept is based almost entirely around subjects related to the Roman Empire – in this case Caligula Caesar, with the album even timed for release on his 2,000 birthday! Musically, the band retain some of their death metal elements especially in Maurizio’s alternating hoarse / screamo vocals but the rest of it is an altogether more artistic affair that lends itself more to Luca Turelli’s film score metal as pioneered in Rhapsody. Songs like ‘Burned To Serve As Nocturnal Light’, ‘The Tiberius Cliff (Exile To Capri)’ and ‘Evocatio – The Temple Of Castor & Pollux’ are certainly no light weight affair and are bombastically symphonic and classical – even at times operatic – than metal such that they musically reflect the power and might of one of the greatest empires the world has ever known!

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