EXARSIS “The Brutal State”

“The Brutal State”
There is something special about the art work of the old LPs. Not only is it larger and easier to look at but there also seem to be a more artistic approach to it. Like it is a canvas and not a cover. Which is why I like the old thrash metal covers of the 80s. Lately I’ve noticed that with the new wave of thrash that sweeps over us the really cool covers have made a comeback. And I like that fact. This Greek band is more thrash metal along the lines of Vio-Lence and Holy Terror with an aggressive edge. If I haven’t said it before I’ll say it now. I like the second wave or, perhaps it was the third wave of thrash that that came after the Big Four. It wasn’t as melodic and more to the point. This is the stuff that still works today without any warning sirens going off about this being a trip down memory lane. This is timeless stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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