EXECRATION “The Acceptance Of Zero Tolerance”

“The Acceptance Of Zero Tolerance”
(Comatose Music)
Execration! While not being remotely close to having any sort of relation to this band I still want this to be a brutal piece of extreme metal. But then again I pretty much hope for that with any and all record I get my hands on. Call me indecisive but I’m so in love with anything and all that is metal that I only see the world of metal through rose tinted glasses. I only see the glass as half full instead of the other way round. So for Execration to be a total let down they have to fail miserably. And brutal it is in the Immolation/Incantation school of death metal. I simply love Incantation so any that even remotely touches on that band’s genius is a plus in my book. Execration are heavy in a way that makes a bulldozer seem light weight. This is death metal that crushes rocks by its sheer power. This is the kind of death metal you scare old ladies with. This is some cool shit. Anders Ekdahl

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