EXHALE “When Worlds Collide”

”When Worlds Collide”
Swedish grindcore might not be my strongest forte. I like Nasum and I liked Filthy Christians and stuff like Protes Bengt but I would not consider myself even close to being a connoisseur. But I’m game for anything at least once. So I’ll give EXHALE a fair chance. This is as chaotic as I’d expected it to be. This is like a whirlwind of guitar, bass and drums. You gotta be on your toes to even begin deciphering what this is all about. Don’t go expecting any fancy guitar work or nice melodies. This is pure in your face stuff that will cut like knives in your ears. I can honestly say that this isn’t what I listen to every day. But every once in a while I find it interesting to check this sort of sound out. Perhaps a bit too “jazzy” for my liking but still a cool enough album for me to return to it again. Anders Ekdahl

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