EXIT EDEN “Rhapsodies In Black”

“Rhapsodies In Black”

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I am a big friend of female fronted/all female bands. So when I get the chance to hear something like EXIT EDEN that features four enchanting females it is like x-mas come early for me. And it doesn’t really matter that I am only familiar with Amanda Somerville (at least by name) for me to get excited about this new project/band. I have really high hopes for this. Forgive me for thinking that this was a new Michael Cretu album but I soon realized my mistake and understood what this is all about. This is not your average cover album. EXIT EDEN has taken pop songs and turned them into metal songs. As I don’t listen to this stuff in its orignal form it is like hearing new, original songs for the first time. It is very accessible but it is also very metal. And since I am a huge Within Temptation fan as well as anything that even resembles that epic, commercial style I found myself loving this. This is clearly this week’s high light for me. An album that I will keep spinning for a long time. And that says a hell of a lot for a cover album. Anders Ekdahl

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